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I'm a New York based engineer with a passion for the web.

I've been in web development full time since I was seventeen years old. Before that I've always had some sort of hobby project online. I launched my first website in 1998: a GeoCities website for Pokemon cheats. It had a guestbook where users could share their own tricks. When I saw it was actually getting users, I was hooked. Since then I've gone on to work with organizations such as Martha Stewart Living, MTV and The FDA.

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HTML 100%
CSS 90%
SEO 70%
CI/CD 80%
Cloudflare 60%
AWS 70%
PHP 100%
JavaScript 100%
Docker 80%
Kafka / KSQL 60%
Heroku 50%
GNU/Linux 100%


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Open Source


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Sean Morris

Innovative and collaboration-oriented software engineer with 15+ years of experience designing and developing user-centered, high volume web applications from initial concept to final, polished deliverable.

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2022 - Present

Lexis Nexis / Infinity Consulting, Altanta, GA

  • Developing strategies to integrate automated testing frameworks with cloud infrastructure.
  • Integrating Eventhub/Kafka into backend insurance package generation (Risk Division).
  • Organizing and implementing an ‘alarm’ system to alert individual developers to issues detected with pull requests.
  • Worked closely with Quality Assurance Engineers to ensure relevant, high-value tests are performed at critical points in the pipelines.


2020 - 2022

Letsvue LLC, New York, NY

  • Built a React Native based application to interact with backend APIs.
  • Compiled aforementioned React Native Application to iOS and Android automatically with continuous integration with CircleCI & Expo.
  • Built a single page application to allow users to interact via the web.
  • Instituted an Agile work flow utilizing Jira for work tracking & Slack for collaboration.
  • Built a PHP/MySQL based backend API to store and maintain user data.
  • Created Redis caches and Solr indexes to speed up user access.


2017 - 2018

MTV / LTI Consulting, New York, NY

  • Maintained and supported a PHP system that orchestrates the download, classification, transcoding, and distribution of video files from multiple labels.
  • Spearheaded a component-by-component update of said system.
  • Built & maintained an Angular front-end for the above system that allows internal users to track the progress of videos through the system, and re-prioritize said videos when necessary.


Summer/Fall 2018

TheRealCost.gov / FDA / Talener, New York, NY

  • Implemented Jenkins job to pull the latest release from GitHub automatically, apply feature reverts, schema changes, and run update hooks before re-initializing the public facing site.
  • Created scripts to bring development instance codebase & schema up-to-date with latest release.
  • Utilized docker & docker-compose to containerize the web application and allow for scaling via a single CLI command or Jenkins job.


Summer 2018

Levick.com, New York, NY

  • Client was affected by a WASM based coin miner that penetrated a remote execution vulnerability known as “Drupalgeddon.” Code would overrun Chrome’s memory and cause a crash.
  • Cleanup entailed analysis of all PHP, JS code as well as SQL backup was necessary for complete removal.
  • Contributed modules were compared with published versions and any deviations were easily detected. DB backups also had to be sanitized lest they would re-infect the codebase.
  • Drupal core & all modules were upgraded to close the security hole.

Professional Experience

Lead Engineer

2020 - 2022

ON Foundation / Timcast, Knoxville,MD

  • Lead team and developed strategies to tackle issues surrounding decentralized social networking software.
  • Worked with other engineers on issues, sometimes into after-hours to ensure a solution could be found.
  • Developed supporting libraries to interface with “Federated” social networks like Mastodon.social & Element.io via the ActivityPub & Matrix protocols respectively.
  • Educated team on tools like Jira and extolled the virtues of an Agile, sprint-based development process.
  • Wrangled business-oriented teammates to help develop requirements, document them, and translate them into user stories.

Lead Engineer

2019 - 2020

JCDecaux North America, New York, NY

  • Developed advertising & ad-maintenance services in Laravel.
  • Wrote migration & data collection services using KSQL to import data into said Laravel systems.
  • Created & maintained Laravel API layer to receive & transmit to and from frontend Android app.
  • Maintained existing versions of above software in CodeIgniter prior to migration.
  • Responsible for implementing Docker based deployment strategies for above.
  • Co-ordinated with Project Manager & team to implement & adhere to an agile/scrum based workflow.
  • Collected & compiled requirements from stakeholders. Worked with the PM to organize sprints.

Lead Engineer

2016 - 2017

The Stella Group, Garden City, NY

  • Architected 2 new projects from the ground up focused on health care marketing automation, analytics and reporting.
  • Implemented daemonized tasks in RabbitMQ and SupervisorD.
  • Modernized legacy PHP/MySQL applications in CodeIgniter.
  • Instituted a one-click deployment strategy using Jenkins.


2013 - 2016

Martha Stewart Living Omni media / Meredith Corporation, New York, NY

  • Spearheaded the back-end overhaul initiative for the “MSLO American Made” program (an annual competition for businesses), which resulted in a more streamlined system suited to re-usability from year-to-year.
  • Created and managed PHP/MySQL APIs to facilitate a “headless Drupal” system which used APIs & a frontend Javascript application to serve pages of aggregated data from multiple sources.
  • Built, ported and supported features in multiple Drupal 6 and 7 stacks.


2011 - 2013

Acotel Inc, New York, NY

  • Maintained PHP/MySQL billing and subscription management system serving upwards of 800,000 users in multiple countries, allowing users to access their accounts via multiple channels including the Web or SMS (text messaging).
  • Developed PHP OOP components from the ground up to augment existing systems.
  • Developed internal tools to allow various departments to interact with aspects of the system, such as sales statistics overviews and administration dashboards.

Junior Engineer

2007 - 2011

ArkNetMedia, New York, NY

  • Leveraged Perl, Tesseract OCR, and web crawlers to process hand scanned product catalogs into a web-ready product database.
  • Developed and maintained PHP/MySQL applications geared toward e-commerce.
  • Created custom web crawlers in Perl to monitor and compare competitor's pricing and catalog changes.
  • Collaborated with the marketing department to create custom reports integrating Google Adwords/Analytics data.


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