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Clones n Barrels
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Clones n Barrels

Play now! or view the code on Github.

I wrote Clones n Barrels on-and-off over a few years to help keep my JavaScript skills sharp. Its written almost entirely from scratch, using only a small class inheritance library and a bit of jquery. The image is currently composited in software, but there is a webgl based renderer in the works.

Its is a top down puzzle game that draws inspiration from games like sokoban. The twist here is you can push multiple objects at once, either in a line or with your clones. You can also pull objects.


Clones n Barrels runs on most platforms capable of running HTML5 games, so it needs to accept a wide range of devices The engine is capable of accepting input from touchscreens, keyboards, mice and/or USB controllers.


Move your characters with the arrow keys, lift/interact with objects with the spacebar.

Touchscreen or Mouse

Tap your finger anywhere on the screen to invoke the virtual joystick. Release the virtual joystick in the center position to lift/interact with objects. Dragging left/right/up/down from center move the joystick, and thus your characters in the respective direction.

This activity can be replicated with the click & drag gesture on a mouse.


This is only tested in Google Chrome so far.

Simply plug in a controller and press A (button 0) to use it. Move your characters with the d-pad or the joystick, and interact with/lift objects with the A button (or button 0).


Here's a quick primer on the game mechanics, before you dive in.


To open doors, you'll need to push barrels into fuel ports. Lift the barrel, and move it on to the port. It should then open. Once it has, drop it in and the door should open.

Clone Yourself!

You'll occasionally see object that look like computers scattered around the environment. Interact with it by facing the object and pressing the interaction button (based on your platform) and you'll receive a clone! Most machines only dispense three clones before exhaustion, but not all of them!


If you see a group of buttons all next to each other, you'll generally need to push all of them at once before they'll activate. You can use clones, barrels or most objects to weigh them down.

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