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About Me

I'm a New York based developer with a passion for the web. I currently specialize in PHP & Javascript.


I've been doing web development full time since I was seventeen years old. Before that I've always had some sort of hobby project online. I launched my first website in 1998: a GeoCities website for Pokemon cheats. It had a guestbook where users could share their own tricks.

Since then I've gone on to work with organizations such as Martha Stewart Living, MTV and The FDA.

View my resume for more, or contact me for the full story.


I've got a few packages published on Packagist & npm. You can also view the bulk of my work on my Github.


As stated above, I'm absolutely in love with PHP and Javascript. I've also got a strong knowledge of Drupal, but I do not depend on it. I can also use frameworks such as Code Igniter, CakePHP and Laravel. I am also very comfortable working in a "framework-less" architechture.

I use and npm for frontend development, and am getting into using node for the backend.

MySQL is my go-to database for storage, with Apache Solr for search. If I need to process a large dataset, I can queue & distribute records with rabbitmq and process them in parallel with daemons monitored by supervisord. I've also been trying out docker lately and have really been enjoying it.

I've been using Debian Linux as my main operating system on my desktops & laptops since 2005. I also have Ubutnu servers in the AWS cloud. I'm extremely comfortable with the linux terminal.

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